Our Services - Human PET imaging studies

Access to Uppsala PET Centre

In cooperation with Uppsala PET centre we can offer Early Drug Research and Development from PET Tracer Development to Phase II Clinical Trials.  CTC is located next door Uppsala Pet Centre which is a great clinical advantage when running Human PET imaging studies. The Uppsala PET centre can offer:

  • Clinical expertise, linking pathophysiology with the disease using PET.
  • Expertise in data acquisition, correction, and modeling for kinetic analysis.
  • New PET tracer development - Over 20 years of experience in new PET tracer development using Carbon-11, Fluorine-18, and Gallium-68 radio-chemistry.
  • The PET centre has their own SOP system.

The PET centre is using the following equipment; 

  • Scanditronix MC-17 cyclotron for 11C, 15O and 18F production.
  • 2 GE Discovery ST whole body PET/CT scanners.
  • 2 Siemens ECAT HR+ whole body PET scanners.
  • Access to MRI, US and SPECT imaging.
  • 14 hot cells, most with automated synthesis equipment for tracer development and production (GMP).
  • Analytical instrumentation for QC.
  • Ancillary equipment for scanning e.g. on-line blood.
  • Monitoring,  blood-sampling for metabolites.
  • Compliance with Pharma industry standards.
  • PET/MR instrument available from 2014.


Clinical Trial Consultants

CTC Clinical Trial Consultants are looking for patients and healthy volunteers that are interested in participating in clinical trials, follow this link to get to our patient / healthy volunteer webpage www.forskningsperson.se