Medical Advisors

Professor Folke Sjöberg

Chief Medical Officer

MD, Consultant, Professor.

Director, the Burn Center at Linköping University Hospital,

Visiting professor at the Institute de Recherches Servier, Centre de Recherches de Suresnes, Paris, France (1995). Visiting professor Dept. of Clinical Physiology (CNR), University of Pisa, Italy (1997). Medical Director, Berzelius Clinical Research Center, Linköping, Sweden. Mainly Phase I drug trials unit, but also conducting phase II-IV (2002 – 2009). President European Burns Association (EBA)(2007 – 2009). Director Research and Development; the Swedish Intensive Care registry (2009 – 2013). Member of executive board International Society for Burn Injuries ISBI (World organization Board member). Member of the "Verification Committee" American Burns Association. Since 2013 –ongoing guest Professor Suez Canal University, Ismalia, Egypt.

Regular lecturer for Medical Students, and doctors in specialty training (ST) as well as supervisor for Students in the Masters program. Supervised > 40 undergraduate medical students and > 30 PhD students.

Co-author of more than 200 original peer reviewed scientific papers, including book chapters and books. Most of them in the field of Burns, Critical Care and Microcirculation. 

Chief Medical officer and co-owner Clinical trials consultants AB (CTC). Principal investigator for more than 160 trials. 

Associate Professor Fredrik Huss

Medical Advisor - Plastic surgery and Burn surgery

Current position: Associated Professor and senior consultant, Plastic surgery and Burn surgery, Dept of Plastic- and Maxillofacial Surgery, Uppsala University Hospital. Director of the Burn Center at Uppsala University Hospital. Medical Advisor CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB. Director of the Tissue Establishment at Dept of Plastic- and Maxillofacial Surgery, Uppsala University Hospital.

Number of Scientific publications: 30 scientific original articles (3 of which in manuscript) plus 3 review articles, 2 book chapters, seven internet-education chapters, one chapter in trauma course manual (ATSS).

Regular lecturer for medical students and doctors in specialty training (ST), as well as supervisor for students in the Master’s program. Supervised 14 undergraduate medical/biomedical students, 1 LIC, and 2 PhD students.

Indications: Wound Healing, Plastic Surgery, Burn Surgery Hand Surgery, Tissue Engineering, Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

Professor Per Hellström

Medical Advisor - Gastroenterology and Pharmacology

Professor and senior consultant, Gastro/hepatology, Uppsala University, Medical Advisor at CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB since Dec 2014

Number of Scientific publications: 228 scientific original articles (8 of which in manuscript) plus 29 review articles, 12 book chapters, 8 editorials and two case reports. Textbook publications: Nine textbooks and 8 textbook chapters, plus two education software programmes

Research interest: Continuous research in the field of inflammatory mechanisms in regulation of gastrointestinal functions and metabolism, with special reference to NO and biomarkers of pain and inflammatory reactions.

Indications: IBD, CD, UC, Drug Development, Gastropares, FMT (fecal microbial transplantation)

Associate Professor Bengt Dahlström

Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer at CTC AB.

Bengt Dahlström is Associate Professor in Pharmacokinetics and Drug Therapy at the University of Uppsala, Sweden and has published over 50 scientific papers in this area.

He is an expert in pharmacokinetics, drug research and development with over 35 years experience from leading positions in Pharmaceutical companies and CROs. He is co-founder of 3 leading Clinical Research Organization: MiniDoc AB, PMC AB and CTC AB.  CEO of PMC AB for over 10 years.

Consultant to several companies in the Life Science sector. Bengt Dahlström is currently chairman and Chief Scientific Officer at CTC AB.

Professor Johan Gabrielsson

Scientific Advisor

Professor of Integrative Pharmacology at SLU since 2012.

Johan Gabrielsson has published extensively in the field of pharmaco­kinetic-pharmacodynamic modelling and reasoning, and has run numerous courses in biological data analysis since 1985 in Europe, the US and Asia (>6000 participants) at the undergraduate and graduate level. His has 20 years of industrial experience as Senior Principal Scientist in research areas such as CV & GI & CNS & Oncology & Biologics. He is author of two textbooks ‘Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Data Analysis: Concepts and Applications’ 4th ed. (2nd print 2010) and ‘Quantitative Pharmacology: An Introduction to Integrative Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Analysis’ 1st ed. (2012). His research (90 publ) focuses on modelling endogenous turnover, functional tolerance and rebound phenomena, physiological limits and target-mediated drug disposition, as well as analyzing pharmacological challenge data and mixture dynamics. 

Professor Claes Post

Scientific Advisor

Claes Post is Master of Pharmacy from Uppsala university, Pharm Dr from Linköping university, Associate Professor in Neuropharmacology and Anesthesiology from Uppsala university, previously Professor (Adjunct) in Neuropharmacology at Uppsala university, Lund university and Karolinska Institute. Currently he is Guest Professor in Neuropharmacology at Linköping university. After his Pharm Dr, he did a post-doctoral at NIH (NIEHS) in the USA. From 1981 – 1994 he was scientist and Preclinical vice president at Astra Pain Control and Astra Draco. Between 1994 and 1997 Claes was senior vice president for preclinical and clinical CNS drug discovery and development, as well as medical director CNS. He has been CEO of several start-up companies in the pharmaceutical fiels, for example Melacure Therapeutics (Uppsala), Gastrotech (Copenhagen, Denmark), and Aprea (Stockholm). Claes has also been engaged in university based technology transfer as, as CEO of Karolinska Innovations AB, and senior business development at Linköping university. Currently Claes is Investment manager in the Life Science field at ALMI INVEST AB and serves as member of Boards at several ALMI INVEST Portfolio companies. Academically he has published more than 140 articles in peer review scientific journals.

Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry

Scientific Advisor

Jacob Westman is Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry at Stockholm University since 2002. He has over 25 years of industrial experience in life science. Expert in preclinical drug discovery research and development from early target indication, medicinal chemistry  to preparation of GMP regulated clinical trial materials, which, so far include >35 patent and patent applications and 25 scientific original articles. He has also extensive experience in project management ofinterdisciplinary projects and collaboration with companies, CROs, CMOs and academic research groups in Sweden and abroad. Experience in patent portfolio management, patent strategy and patent application preparation. He has been working with several start-ups the last 15 years and also been working as a consultant to several companies in the Life Science sector.