Cytokine release assessment and flow cytometer biomarker analyses

In-house access to cytokine release assessment and flow cytometer biomarker analyses

In cooperation with Immuneed AB we can offer cytokine release assessment of candidate drugs along with safety assessment of cytokine release prior each dosing in a SAD or MAD study. Immuneed can also provide biomarker analyses of blood derived cells from individuals in clinical trials as a means to assess pharmacodynamics.  

Immuneed AB can offer:

·       Preclinical advice on safety and mode-of-action studies in human whole blood

·       Support in selecting the right drug candidate and reduce development costs

·       Expertise in immunotherapeutics  and drug development

·       Unique whole blood assay with intact complement system to assess biodistribution and cytokine release along with immune activation studies

·       Standardized and validated assays performed according to Immuneed SOP system.

CTC and Immuneed AB share office and laboratory space at Dag Hammarskjölds väg 10B.

Immuneed AB is using the following equipment: 

·       Human whole blood loop model (modified chandler loop model)

·       CytoFLEX Flow cytometer

·       Meso Scale Discovery system

·       XP-300 Hematology Analyzer


Clinical Trial Consultants

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