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Did you know that CTC and Immuneed has a strong partnership with laboratory capacity

Did you know that CTC and Immuneed has a strong partnership with laboratory capacity. The alliance between us provides an opportunity for your early or late candidate drug to be screened either for safety (cytokine release assessment and complement activity) and/or mode-of-action (MOA) studies. In addition our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to assess your candidate drug in a target population. You can read more about the model system in a recent publication published in International Immunopharmacology or contact us for more information



Link to the publication:


CTC will be A1Ms partner in their early phase clinical trials

We are happy to be A1M Pharmas partner in their early phase clinical trials and look forward to our future cooperation!

Please read the interview with A1M Pharmas CEO in Biostock sondagsintervjun-vd-tomas-eriksson-om-a1m-pharmas-viktiga-milstolpe


Article in Manufactring Chemist Pharma

Read more about it here!


Recipharm and CTC launch integrated first in human service

Contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) Recipharm and contract research organisation (CRO) Clinical Trial Consultants (CTC) have partnered to launch a new service that delivers a clear, streamlined pathway to first in human milestones.

Recipharm Pathway to Clinic™ takes projects from early phase formulation development through to clinical trial implementation with patients, helping companies, ranging from small, virtual firms to big pharma, quickly generate data and build value in their compound.

From its development sites in Solna and Uppsala, Sweden, Recipharm performs formulation development, GMP clinical supply manufacture and bioanalysis on behalf of its clients. This will be closely integrated with CTC’s clinical trial capability and know-how of managing phase I trials at the Akademiska University Hospital in Uppsala.

Commenting on the partnership, Torkel Gren, General Manager at Recipharm in Solna said: “Our customers often face problems in terms of meeting timelines, adhering to changing regulations and managing trial complexity and it is our job to guide them through the process. Quite simply, Recipharm’s Pathway to Clinic™ service means we take responsibility for the full phase I programme, from formulation to clinical trial implementation with patients.”

“Managing the different aspects of phase I, while reducing risk, time and cost, requires a clear roadmap and close collaboration between the different disciplines. Through partnering with CTC, we have complete control over all the links in the chain so can adjust at each step to avoid delays, meet deadlines and build value for our customers.”  

Founded in 2011, CTC supports customers with hospital-based early phase (0/I/IIa) clinical trials, including patient recruitment, trial design, implementation and data evaluation.

Anders Millerhovf, CEO at CTC, added: “Progressing a drug to achieve first in human results is a complex process. Together with Recipharm, we can offer a complete integrated service where all the parts have been optimised to give our customers a fast and cost-effective development program until proof of concept.”

Recipharm Pathway to Clinic™ will be launched to drug developers at the Nordic Life Science Days in Malmö September 12-14. The event is the largest Nordic partnering conference and attracts over 1,000 people from Europe and beyond, representing all elements of the life science sector.

For more information on Recipharm Pathway to Clinic™, visit

Contact information
Torkel Gren, General Manager,, +46 (0)8 6024 560
Anders Millerhovf, CEO,, +46 (0)768339888

For media enquiries, please contact Lindsay Baldry at ramarketing:, + 44 (0)191 222 1242,, Twitter: @ramarketingpr, Facebook: /ramarketingpr, Linkedin: /ramarketing 

About Recipharm
Recipharm is a leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) in the pharmaceutical industry employing around 5,000 employees. Recipharm offers manufacturing services of pharmaceuticals in various dosage forms, production of clinical trial material and APIs, and pharmaceutical product development. Recipharm manufactures several hundred different products to customers ranging from big pharma to smaller research and development companies. Recipharm’s turnover is approximately SEK 5.3 billion and the company operates development and manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The Recipharm B-share (RECI B) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

For more information on Recipharm and our services, please visit 

About CTC Clinical Trial Consultants
CTC is a Swedish full-service CRO with clinical conduct in focus. Our mission is to facilitate clinical and translational research by providing our customers with cost-effective advice and implementation of early clinical trials (Phase 0/I /IIa). CTC has three dedicated research clinics in in Sweden, which of one is located at the Akademiska University Hospital in Uppsala, specialized for first time in human studies. The head office is located in Uppsala, Sweden.



Pathway to Clinic - A cooperation with Recipharm


Nanologica and Dr Sabrina Valetti receive a research grant of 2.4 million SEK

Nanologica, Dr Sabrina Valetti, previously PostDoc at Nanologica, and two other industry partners have received a research grant of 2.4 million SEK from the Knowledge Foundation for a project to investigate nanoporous silica particles for pharmaceutical formulations. The project began on September 1, 2017. 

For Nanologica, the project provides an opportunity to develop its core competencies and strengthen its position within new drug delivery applications, an area that has potentially very large business benefits and creates value for the pharmaceutical industry and patients.

The grant was awarded in recognition of the scientific merit of the project and the potential benefit to pharmaceutical industry. The three industry partners who will work on the project are Nanologica AB, Orexo AB and CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB. The companies will define needs and constraints from an industry perspective, from drug delivery to clinical trials and manufacturing.

The goal of the project is to develop better drugs with silica-based nanoporous particles as the drug delivery carrier. The main part of the project will be performed by Sabrina Valetti at Biofilms Research Center for Biointerfaces (BRCB), Malmö University. The BRCB is a leading translational research center on interactions at biological interfaces and provides an excellent scientific environment for this study. Nanologica AB and Orexo AB will provide in-kind contribution to the development work and guidance towards pharmaceutical formulations comprising silica particles. Nanologica's main contribution is expert knowledge on silica materials for drug delivery and Orexo has a solid experience in drug development. CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB will provide in-kind contribution towards designing the research goals to answer questions relevant for clinical trials.

“Nanologica has a deep interest in the systematic study to gain fundamental knowledge leading to new applications for porous silica as drug delivery carriers. This project brings together ambitious and driven scientists and highly experienced partners from the industry – that is why we see great potential in it.”- Adam Feiler, CTO, Nanologica AB

"We are very pleased with the research grant received from The Knowledge Foundation and are looking forward to the collaboration with the researchers at BRCB, Nanologica and CTC. Nanoporous silicon dioxide particles has the potential to improve properties of pharmaceutical formulations and aligns well with our efforts to develop next generation drug delivery technologies." - Robert Rönn, PhD, Head of Pharmaceutical Development & IP, Orexo AB

" I am excited to receive the funding for a research project with commercial relevance. It is a perfect match between my previous research with Nanologica’s technology and my current focus on studying pharmaceutical delivery across biological barriers." - Sabrina Valetti, BRCB, Malmö university

For further information, please contact:
Andreas Bhagwani, CEO, Nanologica
+46 70 316 17 02 or 

Adam Feiler, CTO, Nanologica
+46 723 53 66 30 or

About Nanologica AB
Nanologica develops nanoporous silica for applications in life science. The company focuses on two business areas: drug delivery and chromatography, a technology used for the separation and purification of products on the market and in development. Nanologica’s core competency is to apply its unique know-how in the field of material science for developing nanoporous silica particles with unique characteristics. The company comprises 18 employees with ten nationalities of which ten are PhDs. The manufacturing facilities are located in Södertälje, Sweden.
For more information, please visit


CTC and Mercodia enters a collaboration agreement

CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB, based in Uppsala, and Mercodia also based in Uppsala are please to annonce that they have entered into a collaboration agreement.


Together the companies can offer their services in a combined package with both clinical services and high quality ELISAs in the areas of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.


CTC’s CEO, Anders Millerhovf, adds:

“Having a close collaboration with a high quality ELISA analysis lab can add substantial value to our clients. Early signals of clinical effect in early phase trials are crucial for many of our customers”


Mercodia , CEO, Mona Österberg, adds:

“We are very happy about this collaboration with the highly professional team at CTC, which is also a fellow Uppsala company. We believe that the combination of both companies’ core competences will increase the accuracy in the monitoring of clinical effects.


For more information CTC, please contact:
Anders Millerhovf – Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: +46 768 339 888



For more information Mercodia, please contact:

Name: Mona Österberg – Chief Executive Officer

Telephone: +46 18 570070




About CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB

CTC is a Swedish full-service CRO with clinical conduct in focus. Our mission is to facilitate clinical and translational research by providing our customers cost-effective advice and implementation of early clinical trials (Phase 0 / I / IIa). CTC has two dedicated research clinics in Uppsala (12 hospital beds, 12 non-hospital beds) in combination with two patient clinics located both in Uppsala and Linköping. Read more at

About Mercodia AB

Mercodia is dedicated to advancing innovative therapies for the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases by providing immunoassay technology for clinical and research applications. We service a global market of over 100 countries with immunoassays spanning nine different species, covering both the basic and clinical research sectors, as well as in vitro diagnostics. Mercodia also offers GLP-compliant outsourcing services for small, preclinical studies to larger PI-PII clinical studies. Our bioanalytical, development, and production services are guided by FDA/EMA and CLSI guidelines, our extensive quality system and ISO 13485 for manufacturing medical devices. We specialize in large molecule ligand-binding assays, PK/PD/TK analysis, and offer a unique expertise in life cycle management. Read more at


Cereno Scientific and CTC team up for a clinical study

Cereno Scientific (Aktietorget: “CRNO B”) and CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB announce today that they have entered into an agreement regarding a clinical study involving the drug candidate CS1.

Cereno Scientific is developing a unique concept for the prevention of blood clots - the biggest cause of death in the world. The company aims to bring to market a new preventive medicine to treat thrombosis-related disease, offering an opportunity for effective treatment while lowering the risk of serious bleeding complications associated with current treatment with blood-thinning drugs - leading to more effective treatment.

Following the recent news of positive milestone progress for the formulation development of Cereno Scientific’s candidate drug CS1, the appointment of Professor Wolzt as Senior Advisor R&D and positive data in the in vivo study – with results published Q4 2016 in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (JTH) – showing preventive effect of thrombosis and no increased bleeding in mice of its active substance, the company is gearing up for a first clinical study with CS1 in Q3, 2017.

Cereno Scientific's CEO, Sten R Sörensen, comments:

“We are very pleased to work with CTC as our CRO partner as we enter the clinical phase of development with CS1. CTC has the necessary expertise and capabilities in-house - from protocol design to reporting - combined with their own clinical research unit.”

CTC’s CEO, Anders Millerhovf, adds:

“We are very happy for this collaboration with Cereno Scientific, We look forward to work with their interesting drug candidate CS1 and are currently working full-speed with the study preparations.”


For more information, please contact:
Sten R. Sörensen – Chief Executive Officer
Telephone: +46 73 374 03 74.



About Cereno Scientific AB

Cereno Scientific develops preventive medicines to treat thrombosis-related disease, such as myocardial infarction and stroke. These novel therapeutics stimulate the body's own intelligent clot-busting system, and are being developed to treat thrombosis-related cardiovascular diseases on the global market. Cardiovascular disease is currently the leading cause of death worldwide. Current therapies are connected to an increased risk of bleeding and, as a result, low effectiveness due to lower dosing levels. In turn leads to a high risk of new blood clots. The benefit with Cereno Scientific's drug candidate, CS1, is an improved balance between preventing blood clots and treatment-related side effects - leading to more effective treatment. CS1 is a re-formulation of a known compound and, as such, is expected to have a relatively short development time. It is based on many years of research and its effectiveness on risk factors is documented in experimental studies and early clinical studies. Preventive effectiveness against blood clots has been demonstrated in animal in vivo studies. Indication of clinical preventive effectiveness against heart attacks has been demonstrated in two large epidemiological studies. CS1 has a unique mechanism of action, a potentially wide range of indication opportunities connected to large blood clot-related diseases and, consequently, a large market potential. The Göteborg-based company is listed on the AktieTorget stock market, conducts research activities at AstraZeneca's BioVentureHub in Göteborg and is supported by GU Ventures. For more information, see


About CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB

CTC is a Swedish full-service CRO with clinical conduct in focus. Our mission is to facilitate clinical and translational research by providing our customers cost-effective advice and implementation of early clinical trials

(Phase 0 / I / IIa). CTC has two dedicated research clinics in Uppsala (12 hospital beds, 12 non-hospital beds) in combination with two patient clinics located both in Uppsala and Linköping. Read more at


CTC welcomes Immuneed AB to our facilities and look forward to an exiting collaboration

CTC välkomnar Immuneed AB till sina lokaler och ser fram emot ett spännande samarbete

Immuneed kommer att tillhandahålla sin unika serviceverksamhet,  som med humant helblod kan detektera akuta immunrelaterade biverkningar av biologiska och/eller immunmodulerande läkemedel, innan studier påbörjas i människa eller innan dosering av en individ i en studie.  

Säkerhet för biologiska/immunmodulerande läkemedel, som kan påverka immunceller eller kaskadsystem, är fortfarande ett problem inom läkemedelsutveckling. Den specialiserade service som Immuneed erbjuder bygger på en unik metod baserad på humant helblod. Resultat från helblodsförsök kan ge en tidig bedömning av läkemedlets akuta immuntoxicitet, i form av t.ex. cytokinfrisättning (CRA), innan man påbörjar kliniska studier på människa. Alternativt kan servicen erbjudas som ett tillägg till en klinisk studie, där en medverkande individs blod kan testas ex vivo innan läkemedlet administreras. Med ett ökande antal nya och återkommande kunder ger flytten till nya lokaler hos CTC en möjlighet att effektivisera serviceerbjudandet och utforska nya utvecklingsmöjligheter.

"Vi är mycket glada för samarbetet med Immuneed AB, de erbjuder en unik tjänst som i grunden kan förbättra förståelse för hur en klinisk studie med en immunmodulerande substans bör designas ", säger Anders Millerhovf, VD för CTC. "För oss, som erbjuder resurser och kompetens för att driva tidiga kliniska studier, är det viktigt att vara lyhörd för kundernas behov. Prediktiva analyser av immuntoxicitet är ett område där nya lösningar är efterfrågade och samarbetet kring Immuneeds analyser ger våra kunder bättre verktyg kring studiedesign - och därmed också ökad säkerhet för de personer som medverkar i våra studier" konkluderar Millerhovf.

"Genom samarbetet med CTC vill vi ge företag som arbetar med biologiska läkemedelsmolekyler ännu bättre service och expertis inom t.ex. cancer immunterapi. Vår CRA analys är standardiserad och validerad, men vår analysplattform kan också användas för att undersöka biodistribution och studera mekanistiska frågeställningar för immunmodulerande terapier, i syfte att underlätta övergången till klinisk fas", säger Sara Mangsbo, docent och forskningschef på Immuneed.


För ytterligare information:

Anders Millerhovf, CEO, Clinical Trial Consultants AB

Phone: +46 (0)76-833 98 88


Om CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB: CTC är ett full-service CRO bolag med focus på kliniskt genomförande. CTC bedriver tidiga kliniska studier på dess sjukhusbaserade fas I enhet i Uppsala (First time in Human godkänd). CTC har även två öppenvårdskliniker för genomförande av studier på patienter (Fas II-IV) lokaliserade både i Uppsala och Linköping.


För ytterligare information:

Gunilla Ekström, CEO, Immuneed AB

Mobil: 073-354 20 58


Om Immuneed AB: Immuneed AB, etablerad 2014, är ett bioteknologibolag som utvecklar en ny generation terapeutiska vaccin, som bygger på ett unikt sätt att transportera peptider in i immunceller. Immuneed tillhandahåller också en service baserad på en helblodsassay, för att tidigt kunna identifiera akuta immunrelaterad biverkningar av biologiska läkemedel.


CTC welcomes Immuneed AB to our facilities and look forward to an exiting collaboration

Immuneed’s ex-vivo whole-blood screening service can more easily be offered for screening of acute immune-related side effects of biologicals or other immune modulating drugs prior to first-in-human studies.

Safety of biologicals or other immune modulating drugs where cells or proteins may cause unexpected immune activation/modulation remains an issue in drug development. The specialized service offered by Immuneed is based on a first-in-class, ex-vivo human whole-blood loop system to assess acute drug-related immune toxicity, such as cytokine release, prior to clinical studies. With a growing base of new and recurring customers, the move to new lab premises, adjacent to CTC, provides an opportunity to streamline the service and explore growth opportunities.

“The collaboration with CTC means that we jointly can provide even greater service and expertise in the field of e.g. cancer immunotherapy, and be a resource for all the companies that are emerging in this hot field at the moment. Our CRA assay is streamlined, but our platform can also provide data on cellular biodistribution and mode-of-action studies of immune modulating therapies - in order to ease the transition of these drugs into clinical use.” says Sara Mangsbo, CSO, Immuneed.

 “We are extremely happy for this collaboration with Immuneed AB, they offer a unique service that profoundly can affect the strategy for first-in-human studies of biopharmaceuticals,” says Anders Millerhovf, CEO of CTC. “For us as a key resource and competence in running early clinical trials, it is important to be responsive to customer requirements. Immune-modulation is an area where new solutions can increase the understanding of how to design a study and even increase safety for our trial participants and the collaboration with Immuneed is to the benefit to both the companies and the patients” Millerhovf concludes.


For further information:

Anders Millerhovf, CEO, Clinical Trial Consultants AB

Phone: +46 (0)76-833 98 88


About CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB: CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB (CTC) is a Swedish full-service CRO with clinical conduct in focus. CTC currently has about 40 employees and most of the staff has extensive experience from various roles in the pharmaceutical industry. CTC's mission is to facilitate clinical and translational research by providing our customers cost-effective advice and implementation of hospital-based early clinical trials (Phase 0 / I / IIa) on our dedicated research clinic at Uppsala University Hospital (12 beds) in combination with two patient clinics located both in Uppsala and Linköping.


For further information:

Gunilla Ekström, CEO, Immuneed AB

Phone: +46-(0)73-354 20 58


About Immuneed AB: Immuneed AB, founded in 2014, is a life science biotech company developing a novel tetanus toxin-derived therapeutic vaccine for cancer treatment. Immuneed also offers a first-in-class, lab-based human whole-blood assay/loop system as a specialized service, for detection of immune-related side effects of biopharmaceuticals. The assay can increase safety and cost for pre-clinical drug development; linking preclinical data to clinical reality.



Uppsala 2016-12-19


CTC ett av Uppsala Läns Gasellföretag

Med en tillväxt på 1600% de senaste åren har CTC utsetts till ett av Uppsala läns Gasellföretag 2016. CTC kom på en hedersam andraplats bland 34 andra gasell företag i Uppsala län. Gasellerna är en exklusiv skara av tillväxtföretag som utgör <1% av alla företag i Sverige.

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