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Nanologica and Dr Sabrina Valetti receive a research grant of 2.4 million SEK

Nanologica, Dr Sabrina Valetti, previously PostDoc at Nanologica, and two other industry partners have received a research grant of 2.4 million SEK from the Knowledge Foundation for a project to investigate nanoporous silica particles for pharmaceutical formulations. The project began on September 1, 2017. 

For Nanologica, the project provides an opportunity to develop its core competencies and strengthen its position within new drug delivery applications, an area that has potentially very large business benefits and creates value for the pharmaceutical industry and patients.

The grant was awarded in recognition of the scientific merit of the project and the potential benefit to pharmaceutical industry. The three industry partners who will work on the project are Nanologica AB, Orexo AB and CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB. The companies will define needs and constraints from an industry perspective, from drug delivery to clinical trials and manufacturing.

The goal of the project is to develop better drugs with silica-based nanoporous particles as the drug delivery carrier. The main part of the project will be performed by Sabrina Valetti at Biofilms Research Center for Biointerfaces (BRCB), Malmö University. The BRCB is a leading translational research center on interactions at biological interfaces and provides an excellent scientific environment for this study. Nanologica AB and Orexo AB will provide in-kind contribution to the development work and guidance towards pharmaceutical formulations comprising silica particles. Nanologica's main contribution is expert knowledge on silica materials for drug delivery and Orexo has a solid experience in drug development. CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB will provide in-kind contribution towards designing the research goals to answer questions relevant for clinical trials.

“Nanologica has a deep interest in the systematic study to gain fundamental knowledge leading to new applications for porous silica as drug delivery carriers. This project brings together ambitious and driven scientists and highly experienced partners from the industry – that is why we see great potential in it.”- Adam Feiler, CTO, Nanologica AB

"We are very pleased with the research grant received from The Knowledge Foundation and are looking forward to the collaboration with the researchers at BRCB, Nanologica and CTC. Nanoporous silicon dioxide particles has the potential to improve properties of pharmaceutical formulations and aligns well with our efforts to develop next generation drug delivery technologies." - Robert Rönn, PhD, Head of Pharmaceutical Development & IP, Orexo AB

" I am excited to receive the funding for a research project with commercial relevance. It is a perfect match between my previous research with Nanologica’s technology and my current focus on studying pharmaceutical delivery across biological barriers." - Sabrina Valetti, BRCB, Malmö university

For further information, please contact:
Andreas Bhagwani, CEO, Nanologica
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Adam Feiler, CTO, Nanologica
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Nanologica develops nanoporous silica for applications in life science. The company focuses on two business areas: drug delivery and chromatography, a technology used for the separation and purification of products on the market and in development. Nanologica’s core competency is to apply its unique know-how in the field of material science for developing nanoporous silica particles with unique characteristics. The company comprises 18 employees with ten nationalities of which ten are PhDs. The manufacturing facilities are located in Södertälje, Sweden.
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