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Risk Mitigation in early clinical studies

CTC is exploring new techniques for risk mitigation.

Pharmacolog AB has developed a system that can prevent drug administration errors reaching the treated patient. The company’s lead product, DrugLog®, focuses on the quality assurance in drug administration in the hospital pharmacy and the clinical ward

Pharmacolog AB is a medical device company based in Uppsala, Sweden. The company specializes in providing quality assurance solutions for safe administration of medical drugs.

- With this technique we can easily check if the provided drug is diluted correctly before administration to a subject, Folke Sjöberg, Chief Medical Officer CTC

Immuneed AB provides a first-in-class human whole-blood assay for measuring drug-related immunotoxicity and immune efficacy of mAbs and other immune modulating drugs prior to first-in-human drug trials. All based on a unique human whole-blood assay.

- With this technique we can test if a human healthy volunteer will have an immune reaction in an ex-vivo set-up before we give the drug to the subject, Folke Sjöberg, Chief Medical Officer CTC

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